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In Vietnam, with the orientation of converting building materials towards environmental friendliness, GRC has many potentials for application and development. After supporting GRC (Thailand) from mid of 2019 to complete GRC cladding for South Hoi An Development’s 5 Hotels project of nearly 20,000 square meter of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GRC), GRCVINA was form in Danang to take on future challenge of assisting in the design, manufacturing and installation of GRC in Vietnam. GRCVINA is the ONLY GRC (Thailand) working partner in Vietnam. By working closely with our partner GRC (Thailand) Co. Ltd., a fully qualify manufacturer assess annually by International GRC Association in the UK, GRCVINA dedicated to providing the latest technology and know how to expand the quality and potential of the architectural GRC use. With over 50 years of experience in the fiber reinforced products and over 20 years in the reinforcement of concrete to support GRCVINA, we are able to take on any challenging demand in the making, install, maintenance and use of this high-performance concrete. GRCVINA can provide a full range of pigmented concrete colors in different texture. This includes low heat absorption and self-cleaning. GRCVINA façade are impregnated with high performance hydrophobic coating that is highly effective in water, dust, and fungal resistance. GRCVINA is leading the Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete industry in Vietnam and is your trusted partner in any project.

What is GRC?

GRC or GFRC is a new construction materials called by many different names, but commonly known as Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete. GRC is the innovative materials producted by mould and spraying method from the mixture of cement, quartz sand, water, alkali resistant glass fibres and additives. GRC achieves physical and chemical properties, high tensile strength, aesthetics, diserve shapes and natural concrete color… Therefore, this is one of materials of the to choice for many famous architects in the world.


Not only researching and finding the best solutions to meet the needs of each type of construction, we also want to bring lasting architectural works over time.


In order to create unique and new architectural works, to meet the increasingly demanding needs of architects, we have created the most suitable product line for many different projects.

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With many years of research, testing and application to the real world project facade, GRC has proven its durability over time under different weather conditions.

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Designed with many advantages, GRC has met all requirements of building-block, 3D curved surfaces, colors ... thereby bringing unique features to buildings using GRC materials.

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    GRC VINA Ltd has officially cooperated with GRC Thailand Ltd to develop the maximum line of fiberglass concrete products to meet the creative needs of architects. With this partnership, we want to bring the best products to domestic and overseas construction markets.

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