PROJECT: South Hoi An Development



LOCATION: Hoi An South, Hoi An, Vietnam
PROJECT TIME: 2019-2020
PRODUCT: Balcony Covers, Cornices, Canopy Cover & Balcony Cladding
ARCHITECT & DESIGNER: Wong & Ouyang Ltd., Hong Kong
CLIENT: Hoi An South Developement
Owner: Hoi An South Development
Criterions: Open joint; Sandstone Yellow, High Performance Water Resistance, Natural Concrete Color.

5 Hotel building will be cladded with GRC, namely, All Suite Hotel, KHOS Hotel, Tower 1, Tower 2 & Tower 3.



The project demanded a high-quality texture concrete finish to be coated with exterior wall coating. Polymer added Grade 18P GRC matrix is selected to use for the whole project. A total of over 13000m of balcony edge covers, 1000sqm of balcony cladding to provide a C-Shape feature, over 3500sq.m of Cornices for ASH to KHOS Hotel and 3 separate Canopy front the Hotel Entrances.



On all 5 buildings, there are more than 13000m of GRC molding with expose aggregates surface to go around each floor for decoration and also for lighting. Picture on right show some of these molding already installed.
There are 65 balconies constructed with cement require to be clad with GRC to form a C-shape cover with lighting on the top and sides.



On the Podium level, GRC cornices over 17 different designs are used to surround two of the frontage buildings. The total quantity is over 3775sq.m.



The two main building entrance 3 canopies are also cladded with GRC. All the corners are single piece manufacture at site. The coating used for the canopies are Guard Industrie Metallic coating selected due to it high water resistance ability. More than 1400sq.m of GRC use in this area.




The total quantity of GRC use for the 5 building is more than 20,000sq.m
Quality Alkaline Resistance Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete by GRC VINA (Thailand)
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166 Le Trong Tan Street, Hoa Phat Ward,
Cam Le District, Da Nang City, Vietnam